it got a nice and quiet environment surrounding the hostel. It looks like a student accommodation renting out to travellers. The nightly room rate is also very affordable. In the room, you may find some spiders but they are not disturbing. There is a bus stop 2mins from the hostel and the bus schedule is quite frequent so it's quite convenient to take it to the nearest metro down the hill and switch to the metro. If you have heavy luggage going with you, you will need to climb the stairs to the hostel reception. The common room only got 2 tables, 2 ovens and 4 stoves but not any other so if you want to cook in it, the most convenient way is to buy some aluminium foil and oven-cooked food for your meal.

August 16, 2016

Reading some of the reviews before going, I was really skeptical but decided to give it a try anyway and it turned out not to be so bad. There is a bus stop about 2 minutes from the hostel so no need to walk far with your luggage. The location is really nice and quiet if you wanna get some good sleep but at the same time it's close to the city center so you can explore Budapest easily. At night the walk is a little bit longer since the bus is not running but it was never a problem, even for a lazy person like me. The only really bad thing was the toilet. There are shared toilets on each floor and I'm pretty sure they never get cleaned. This is the main reason why the hotel didn't get better scores on cleanliness. The toilets were really horrible and sometimes I had to go up and down the building to find a toiler which is somewhat acceptable. It may be a good idea to bring some sanitizing wipes or something similar since you can't always avoid using the toilets.

Anna N
August 15, 2016

Arrived at the property at 1:30, receptionist told us she was eating lunch and to come back at 2pm.
Was a little way from the main town area but walkable.

This is a university and in the holidays they turn the rooms into hostel style accommodation- so don't expect a hostel vibe. Comfortable rooms, two beds in each with shower. Toilets were a mess in the morning (baffled as to how they got like that in the first place) but were cleaned up by the evening.

August 13, 2016

Wifi connection was very poor in rooms, and the shared bathrooms were not overly clean and completely ran out of toilet paper at one stage. The policy of handing in your key before leaving also meant waiting 20+ minutes in a line to get back into the room one evening while waiting for people to check in.

Individual rooms were clean, tidy and comfortable.

August 13, 2016

Do not accept credit cards - only cash. Towels are not provided and no word about that in the facilities description, so bring yours with. WiFi connection is poor even in public areas - be prepared ;) Cleanliness - isn't the strongest side of this place. Rooms are fine, but no one cleans them during your stay. Toilets and kitchen were messy almost all the time. I understand that it depends mainly on the people who lives in hostel and not the staff's fault but still it was upleasant. Staff is friendly but not always helpful. This accomodation is popular among tourists due to the good location and cheap price and at any time the reception was busy checking-in new people, so staff was exhausted. The check-in process was quite long and it was diffucult to get your room key if poeple were checking-in.

The good location for a pretty cheap accomodation. Refrigirator and shower in the room. It is actually a functioning college hostel so it also has common kitchen for those who need it. 24 hours reception.

August 8, 2016

very cheap! personal 2 bed private room only 7 - 9 eur. even own shower. Beds are good. but location is very bad. takes 40-60 mins to get any good place. This is no party hostel, no lounge room, no bar etc.

August 14, 2015

-close to the Gellert Hill, beautiful and silent neighberhood
-good transport (bus stop 1minute from the hostel, bus connected to metro leaves every 5-10minutes)
-really nice, english-speaking staff, very helpful everytime (I asked about money exchange places and they checked in the internet and gave me a map)
-clean, cosy rooms, not a 5 star hotel but when I go sightseeing what I really need is a comfortable bed. There was also a fridge in the room which saved our lives couple of times (when it was like 50 degrees outside) and a shower and sink. Toilet was in the hallway but clean.
-wifi was available (our room was at the end of the hallway so we didn't have a good reception) and there were computers near check-in desk.

-one thing that bothered me was that you always have to leave your key in the reception when you go out. So I was scared that someone may take our key (they didn't ask for a name or anything, just the room number)

Malgorzata R
August 8, 2015

Good service, good location, very nice neighborhood and very quiet. Only thing that bothered my was how you leave your key at reception, but when you pick it up you could say and dorm number and they'd give you the key without knowing themselves whether its your room or not. Other than that had a very pleasant stay and would return.

August 8, 2014

Very amazing experience here. There's a really nice common room area where you can meet many people. The hostel is small enough that you can know most of the people staying there. I would suggest this place to anyone!

July 24, 2014

Very nice Hostel located in the Buda side. Very cheap price for nice rooms, very clean, nice staff. The problem with this hostel is the location, it's very far from all the attractions and downtown. All the transportation system of Budapest closes very early(around 11:30) so if you plan to go back to hostel late at night, plan to take a taxi or walk. If you're looking for a peaceful place to stay in Budapest it is the best(it's located in the middle of a very nice neighbourhood).

July 7, 2014