Budapest Hostels

Origo Hostel
The Origo Parliament Hostel in Budapest is certainly going to intrigue a number of people simply by the name and it is best to see if it can deliver on what it appears to promise thanks to its title. The hostel is located next to the parliament which is known as being one of the safest parts of the city no matter the time of day.

Anadin Hostel
Each room is well equipped and comfortable beds and linen are provided with adequate storage for your belongings and enough security that you do not have to worry about things.

City Rooms Hostel
When it comes to the other facilities that are available at the City Rooms then you are going to be pretty well equipped. Check in is available between 2pm and 11pm and you have to check out before 11am, so there is nothing too early there for you to be concerned about.

Budapest Bubble Hostel
Checking in is fast and easy and you are able to do so from 14:00 hours. There is no 24 hour reception desk but the staff are still very attentive both in providing you with what you need and also helping you understand the city as they are kept up to date with what is hip and happening across Budapest in general.

Visit Hostel
Overall, the Visit Hostel in Budapest provides you with a friendly welcome and a great atmosphere with the staff being very attentive to your needs. The rooms are spacious enough although if you are looking for a very quiet hostel then this may not be for you due to the number of people that could be staying there at any given time.